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Plant-Based.org is a site aimed at educating the public on the subject of nutrition and plant-based eating, reducing unnecessary suffering for both humans and animals.

Our goal is to do so:

  • Simply. We want to simplify the complexity of nutrition explaining its concepts in a way that is accurate but still accessible to everyone.
  • Scientifically. No “bro-science” here. We source our knowledge from established nutritional guidelines, organizations, and scientifically-sound, peer-reviewed studies. In other words, we try to be fair, mindful of our biases, and exclude what the scientific consensus disagrees with.
  • Practically. We are all just human, so what’s great for us in theory, might not be so in practice if it’s extremely hard to stick to. We always try to keep in mind what’s practical and sustainable in the long term.
  • Compassionately. Weight and nutrition are struggles for many people. We aim to be a kind, understanding voice that helps you achieve your goals.

Note that the information is presented for informational and educational purposes only and in no way constitutes medical advice.

Please check out our full disclaimer prior to using our site.

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